Every experience of counselling is unique to that person, and no two sessions are ever the same. Everyone wants or needs something slightly different from their therapy. Below is just some of the feedback I have received from clients about their experience of counselling.

“I was suffering with severe anxiety issues and panic attacks, I had totally isolated myself. Life was becoming unbearable, so although I was sceptical about counselling, I knew I had to do something. I found Ember Counselling online and arranged a home visit.

I have to say this was the best decision I have ever made, Laura from the first session made me feel calm and like a ‘normal’ person. It wasn’t a quick fix, we had sessions over a period of time , but because Laura let me go at my own pace, I didn’t feel pressured or judged at any time. We had tears, anger and laughter over the course of my sessions, through all of this Laura was kind, patient and genuinely cared.

Laura helped me build the foundations to rely on my own judgement, safely deal with unresolved grief and most of all helped me re discover my confidence. She is far too humble to take the credit, but I’m not sure I would be here today without her help and guidance… I certainly wouldn’t be happy and looking forward to the future.”

 By Mrs F

“I was in a pretty bad place when I first contacted Laura suffering from low mood and a degree of anxiety. I hadn’t really noticed the change in my mood over time until it was too late and having consulted my GP I looked for a counsellor to help me through it.

Laura provided a calm and private environment in which I was able to discuss my issues and to understand how I had ended up in such a place. My main issues were job related and Laura took me through a series of strategies that helped me to understand the root cause and enabled me to implement my own strategies to help my recovery.

I’m not sure where I would be now if I hadn’t approached Laura as I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel but with her help I was able to retain some positivity that steered me back to a better place. Laura’s counselling style was always calm and compassionate and I felt at ease with her from the first session. Discussing my issues with Laura has given me the confidence to realise that I have great qualities and I’m actually proud of what I have achieved. That is testament to Laura’s advice and guidance for which I am extremely grateful.”

By Mr F