Email Counselling

Email counselling is reminiscent of letter writing, giving you the freedom to share whatever is on your mind, while combining the therapeutic process of writing things down with a supportive therapeutic relationship.

I use a secure email address specifically for sending and receiving information in this way and I can advise you where to sign-up to a free, secure email address to enhance your own level of privacy and confidentiality.

Real-time email counselling: This kind of email counselling resembles instant-messaging with the main difference being it takes place by email rather than through an instant-messaging facility. Sessions last for 90 minutes rather than the usual 50 to account for any time-lag in emails being received by either of us. Emails also tend to contain more detail than instant-messaging replies.

Scheduled replies: This is the most popular way of working by email and can be tailored to your needs. Some people like to send a long email and receive a long email in return perhaps once a week. Other people may like to send several shorter messages and receive one long reply. If this way of working is of interest to you, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will tailor your package of support to your requirements.

For further information about email counselling please contact me to talk through how you would like to work and to receive a quote.

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