Online Counselling

Not everyone finds it easy to meet in person or talk on the phone. For this reason I’m really pleased to be able to offer my online counselling service, which I hope will make my counselling services more accessible to more people.

The types of online counselling I am offering are 50 minute voice sessions (dependent on quality of internet connection), instant messaging sessions, and email counselling. I’m sorry I’m not able to offer video sessions at this time. Online sessions appeal both to those who would like an online counselling session because of preference, or physical distance from my base in Droitwich, and those who prefer to write their thoughts down (so would find email and IM preferable). Additionally, the anonymity and distance that the internet offers can make the idea of opening up to someone less intimidating.

Please contact me at to discuss your needs and receive more information. Take a look around my website for more information about counselling, my approach, qualifications and experience.


Type of Session Length of Session Price
Initial conversation 30 minutes Free
‘Live’ sessions (Voice, IM) 50 Minutes £30 (6 sessions for £150)
Email counselling Send me as many messages as you like £20 per email reply from me (at pre-agreed frequency/ time/ day)